"My experience with Azzura was, to say the least, glamorous. I quite literally felt like a star during my session. My best friend and I traveled around Bellevue while Ken took photos (which turned out absolutely fabulous!) during my session, and during hers we went all around Seattle with Tania!

I felt like a model, and when my Premiere Showing came along I found that the Azzura team made me actually look like a model (an incredible feat, I must say). I went home with a professionally crafted album of some of my favorite shots, some classic gift portraits for my relatives, and some unique wall art as well. Azzura even offered to design and print my own graduation party announcements! Anything you can think of, they’ll do. I never knew Senior Portraits could even be such an amazing experience, but I know if I had to do it again without a doubt I would choose Azzura (Ken and Tania will be doing my wedding in the years to come). Thanks Azzura!"

                                                                - Lauren


"Azzura made me feel so much like a model… that I actually became one for a weekend. After my amazing session at Azzura with Tania, I got a call saying that I won the Senior Portrait Artists Annual Model Contest! I got to fly down to Tucson, AZ for the weekend for free, have pictures taken of me by not only Ken and Tania, but hundreds of more photographers from across the country, and come home with some amazing memories and artwork made by SPA but taken directly from the photos Tania had taken of me here in Seattle. All of the photographs and artwork Azzura created for me are absolutely amazing, and I actually look like me—glamorous lifestyle intact. Thank you Azzura, for absolutely everything!"

                                                                - Antonia


"The people who work at Azzura are the reason I loved my entire senior portrait experience! They are all very friendly, enthusiastic and creative which made me more excited about the whole process. During my photo shoot, the photographer was exceptionally accommodating and encouraging, which was helpful to me as he made the event incredibly fun and memorable. Together we worked to create great photos, and because of Azzura, my senior portraits were especially unique - mine stood out from everyone else's. I truly enjoyed my experience. Thanks Azzura!"

                                                                - Linnea